Two years into operating as a freelancer with Hey, Sarah, I wrote out professional goals for myself and the company. I included financial benchmarks, goals for delegating and outsourcing, and goals for seeking new business. I also wrote down personal goals, like writing 500 words a day of fiction or narrative non-fiction. Many of the goals felt like a stretch—like some sort of Oprahesque exercise about envisioning what I was seeking from the capital-U Universe.

As I was making pie-in-the-sky plans for my business, I couldn’t have foretold the incredible clients I would meet this year. Clients who, each in their own way, have helped me realize my vision for my own business and helped me meet my goals.

One client writes about the power of solo travel for mothers to connect with their own, free, wild, true self. This writer’s message is that adventuring alone can make mothers happier, more attentive, and better role models for their children. What a powerful message to encounter just when I was doubting whether my solo trips back to New York were the best fit for my young family. My work with this client really shifted my perspective to focus on the things I’m doing right as I juggle my personal and professional responsibilities.

Another client writes about financial abundance and overcoming your fears to free yourself to take financial risks—the realization that abundance comes from within helped me make some smart decisions as a business owner.

Yet another client’s message focuses on health and well-being. This client has such an incredible story of overcoming illness and evaluating many, many wellness solutions tirelessly—including facing her inner negativity—until she actually found something that worked, and began to heal herself.

I find myself at this point in my career completely blessed by the positive people in my life and so excited to meet future clients, hear about their passions, and help them get that message out wide and far.

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