Page-A-Day® Calendars Campaign

This social media campaign is an on-going campaign for me. Since starting with Page-A-Day I’ve worked on newsletter and social media strategy with strong results and great feedback from the marketing and digital team at Workman.

About Page-A-Day® Calendars:

It’s a little bit like lightning striking twice. First, Workman essentially jump-started the calendar business in 1977 with B. Kliban’s Cat, a wall calendar based on the quirky New York Times bestseller. Then just a few years later, in the spring of 1979, they introduced the next and most significant innovation in calendar publishing, the original Page-A-Day Calendar. The idea was a boxed desk calendar featuring a different page of new content every day, and three titles launched the series: 365 Words-A-Year, 365 Women-A-Year, and 365 Jokes, Puns, and Riddles.

Over 37 years and more than 200 million copies later, Workman continues to publish America’s #1 bestselling calendar line while setting the standard for excellence, quality, innovation, and sheer entertainment value. The guiding principle is to publish calendars like books—with the same high editorial standards and meticulous attention to detail.