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Ruts happen.

When you’re trying to grow your social media accounts, you may notice that growth just stops once in a while. Sometimes this has to do with the algorithms of Facebook. Sometimes it is because your content has stopped appealing to your audience, or gotten too repetitive.

If you notice that there has been no growth over a week or two, you’re probably in a rut. Here are a few tips that will stop you from pulling out your hair while hitting “refresh” a million times in a row to see if your numbers are growing, and get your creative juices flowing.


  • Step away from the keyboard. Get out an old-fashioned pen and paper and brainstorm some new posts. Changing up your routine can help fresh ideas flow.
  • Make friends with people. Think about people, or brands, that you genuinely want to connect with and find them online. Add them, Like them, Follow them, and talk to them.
  • Poll your fans and followers. Put it out there to your current followers or fans, and see what they’re most interested in. A post like, “What’s your number one passion?” might be broad enough and sound natural enough to get some conversation going.
  • When in Rome… What are your fans or followers talking about most often? “Listen in” to your most active fans and join their conversations, even if it’s not what you usually discuss.
  • Ask for help. Why not call or email a few people in your inner-circle and ask them to share something to help you branch out?
  • Spend a few dollars on Facebook ads. Drop a few dollars and run an ad to help boost your audience. **Warning, this can get addictive and expensive, so make sure you consider it thoroughly before spending money to grow your brand.

Good luck! Just keep at it, and you WILL get over the rut.

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