WHAT is a “social media playbook”?

A social media playbook from Hey, Sarah! is a fully-customized 6-week campaign designed to jumpstart (or revive) a person or brand’s social media presence. A playbook contains posts, images, content, social media tips, best practices, and advice on how someone can promote him or herself through social media. It’s also designed to leave the recipient feeling savvy and confident enough to pick up their own social media reins after the campaign. Once approved, the campaign content is scheduled to post automatically for six weeks, freeing up the author and marketing team for other important online and real-life tasks.
Sample pages from a social media playbook (for more samples, email me about your specific goals!)
Who might benefit the most from a social media playbook?
  • First-time or sophomore authors who want to feel more in control of their social media strategy.
  • Established authors who want to deepen their engagement with their online audience and attract new fans.
  • Publishing houses that want to support new or established authors as they work to promote their own books.
  • Self-published authors who want a strong toolbox to promote their own books.
  • Publishing houses, imprints, or booksellers who want to find engaging ways to promote themselves and their brands.

More benefits of a social media playbook:

  • First and foremost, a social media playbook from Hey, Sarah! provides six weeks of content designed to promote an author or book on social media. The playbook curates content from a novel or non-fiction book and creates facts, quotes, and other posts tailored to pique the interest of an author’s social media audience. Once approved, the posts will be scheduled to post automatically during the six week campaign, thus freeing up the author and marketing team to focus on other important tasks.
  • A social media playbook will help define an author or brand’s online voice by bringing together areas of genuine, real-life interest. Creating content for an author, publisher, or bookstore means focusing on the individual to create a mash-up of passion and promotion. Posts about yoga, cats, parenting, art, music, all blend together to create an interesting, sustainable social media strategy.
  • A social media playbook shows authors exactly how their online accounts can fit together. If they have a WordPress blog, a Facebook page, and a Goodreads account, the author will see how they can automate posts, and when it is best to post directly on each social media platform.
  • A social media playbook  gives best practice advice for growing a social media audience and connecting with readers, writers, and the publishing community.  This advice is customized to the author’s current audience and posting habits, and can include tips for Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogging, replying, and more.
  • A social media playbook will leave an author, publisher, bookstore, or anyone else who gets one, empowered to tackle social media on their own in the future. They will learn the basics, learn how to curate, learn how to organize their posts and schedule in advance, and at the end of the six weeks, they will know how to sustain their social media channels.

Sure, this sounds super, but why do you want Hey, Sarah! to create your social media playbook for you?

  • Sarah (of Hey, Sarah!) works with even the most reluctant social mediaites to find a genuine, authentic voice and content that makes them feel confident. Sarah’s goal is always to make people actually enjoy learning to post online.
  • Sarah has eight years of experience in online marketing for publishers, authors, and others in the industry. She knows what works consistently, what might work if executed properly, and what will never work no matter how hard you try to make it happen. (She also knows how busy the marketing teams at publishing houses are, and that they need someone who can deliver an entire package, and hold an author’s hand when necessary). 
  • Sarah has a master’s degree in media, culture, and communication from NYU, and a “coloring” (er, associate’s) degree from an art school.
  • Sarah’s a published author. She knows first-hand how hard it can be to promote your own work online. It’s very, very hard to find the right way to say, “buy my book,” to your friends and family. Expanding your online reach beyond your friends and family can also feel awkward to beginners—and worse, it can backfire and send followers and friends running if it’s too heavy-handed. The nuance is essential, and Sarah can help you find it and feel proud of your social media platform.

Email me for more information or samples anytime, or to discuss your project! sarah at hey-sarah.com.